For video footage I purchased a GoPro Hero + 3 Black back in 2013 as a guilty pleasure.  Again it got addictive when recording and in the two years since purchasing I have probably spent more on accessories than what the camera is worth!  These things are great, small but tough camera and camcorder designed to be used in the harshest of conditions.  I haven’t quite gone extreme with it, but have had the opportunity to mount it whilst zooming around the Nurburgring at 150+MPH and taken some underwater footage.

One of my favourite accessory is the Feiyu-Tech FY G4 Gimbal which I purchased when it first came out for £209 with 2 x extension poles.  This has completely changed the look and feel of my video footage now, smooth and clean and worth every penny.  If you have a GoPro then 100% get one of these, you will not regret it.  My other favourite tool is an egg timer from IKEA that set me back £7.  Stick a GoPro mount on top and say hello to some lovely panning timelapse footage. Check out how to make one here.

So originally scope was for really good photographs rather than video but recently a few friends have asked me to take some wedding footage for them.  As easy as the GoPro is to use I wanted to see if I could really improve on that and again another excuse to purchase more gadgets.  The GoPro is great but flat.  I wanted something I could carry in my pocket that would take photos and video with depth and came across the Sony RX100 Mk5 and wow!  Everywhere I go I have this in my pocket, it’s so small yet so powerful and captures amazing photos and videos without having to lug it around in a massive bag.  To compliment the camera I picked up a Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal to allow for smooth shots, these replaced the DJI Osmo and Feiyu Beholder camera gimbal that I found a little clunky for when I wanted to shoot some video quickly.

I also have the Rode VideoMicro compact external microphone to capture audio when recording video, for £45 it makes a huge difference when compared to the on-board mic.