To say this isn’t addictive (and expensive) would be an understatement.  My first proper camera was a Sony Nex 5n.  I had a lot of fun learning with that but it had a bit of an accident and so it was time for me to move on to the next level of hardware.

I purchased an Olympus O-MD EM-Mk II – I wanted something small and slick and this ticked every box, an attractive bit of hardware.  Micro Four Thirds so a wealth of lenses out there and built in Image Stabilization to allow me to get some better shots when shooting in low light or zoomed right in.

I have a 12-40mm Olympus Pro lens and all my old lenses have gone, simply do not need anything else for my shoots as this thing is incredible.  I also have access to the 40-150mm Pro lens which as gorgeous as it’s little brother for those telephoto shots.

With the Micro Four Thirds system, the diagonal length of the image sensor is about 1/2 that of a traditional 35mm film. This facilitates the conversion of the focal length required for a given angle, which is about 1/2 of the focal length of the 35mm film camera lenses. Users who are accustomed to the traditional 35mm film camera can easily estimate the angle of view of a Four Thirds camera (so for above, respectively I have 38mm, 50mm, 120mm and 80-300mm equivalent lenses for 35mm film camera).

For Prime lenses I love the Sigma range, for around £130 per Prime lens you may think…you get what you pay for, in this case and in my opinion I don’t think you do, you get so much more which is why I had two of these in my kit.  My favourite being the 60mm for some amazing portrait opportunities whilst standing well away from your subject for some gorgeous natural shots and lots of yummy bokah from all the prime lenses.  Got to say I am also impressed with the Olympus Zoom lens that I picked up new for £80 when I was last in the USA.

To compliment the bigger camera I wanted something I could carry in my pocket that would take photos and video with depth and came across the Sony RX100 Mk5 and wow!  Everywhere I go I have this in my pocket, it’s so small yet so powerful and captures amazing photos and videos without having to lug it around in a massive bag.  To compliment the camera I picked up a Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal to allow for smooth video shots.